Artist Statement

I seek to capture the moment when you can feel the energy of life and the universe. When listening to the best part of your favorite song, you can feel the energy tingling inside you. Or when you are in nature in beautiful surroundings, the sun breaks through the clouds, and the sun's rays project onto your skin. You can feel the warmth and energy reach into your inner self. These are the moments in life I strive to demonstrate through my art. 

Diversity, growth, and beauty of the natural world serve as the basis for the ceramic works I create. My ideas emerge through form, color, movement, and images made from photographs I have captured from nature. I often think about nature and how my ceramic works can link us with plant life and nature.

When making ceramic art, I also think about flow, reflection, seasonal shifts, and adaptation. My work sometimes relates to natural threats such as climate change and provides escape, if only temporarily, from the modern-day chaos. Discovery plays an integral role for the viewer and me. I discover new things with each piece I make, pay tribute to nature's innovation, and inspire the viewer to proceed on a similar path.